gwangju seoseok high school, From the founder, “Promote the educative power of schooling through harmony and great solidarity between teachers and students as well as parents”The sacrifices and ideals of the school’s founder, Mr. Choi Sang-Ok, make it possible for him to found Seoseok high school. He has a vision about students, teachers, and education as follows:

▪ As for students, they should have vision, manners, and creativity.
  To speak of them in detail,
- First of all, students with vision in mind motivate themselves to keep working hard.
- Second, they should be well-educated and behave themselves.
- Third, by reading a lot, they are able to broaden their ways of thinking and build up creativity over time.

▪ When it comes to teachers, the founder stresses the following three points in mind.
 - Most of all, teachers should cherish the individual child with all their heart.
 - Next, they should keep devoting themselves to practicing self-development for the students and their self-actualization.
 - Last, they should be willing to communicate with colleagues based on trust and harmony.

▪ For the best school management, he hoped for Seoseok high school with happiness, full of love, and being given trust from parents on the basis of excellent capacity in education as well as a dominant influence in educational circles.

Since its foundation, Seoseok high school has ceaselessly produced plenty of brilliant students. For the young and ambitious, our school is the perfect place to actively seek ones’ dreams. However, the founder continues to believe that this is only a beginning and our school will keep moving on. For our school to continue to rise and contribute to global society, the school has to firmly stand on learning capabilities and trust between teachers and students, combined with a global vision. Today, our school has evolved to become the finest example of self-directed learning model centered around students’ learning activities diversely. The dream of founder is fulfilled by many students who have learned, and continue to learn, within the rich academic environment that is truly unique to Seoseok high school.